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22 ▪ ♀ ▪ german

anewkindofthrill tagged me with the six selfies challenge! I have to post my favorite six selfies…I had to make some hard decisions. But yeah, here are they, also I’m feeling like a fashion disaster.

I’m tagging tulkasastaldo, uinenmessedup, addictedtohumans, blutrippe, zitronenlimodoc and carriagelion - PLEASE, ONLY DO THIS CHALLENGE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO. Don’t feel obliged to do this because you’re tagged.

I think I should finally start watching Yowamushi Pedal. HMMMMM



it’s that time of year again: the time where i send you dicks. this is my third sex toy giveaway and you know the third time’s the charm, so what better time to give away $100 to bad dragon

that’s right $100. i will buy you anything on bad dragon’s website up to $100, including shipping. shipping is about $11 for the US and $33 for international so even international folks can get a $60ish dick. god bless.

☆ u don’t have to follow me
☆18 or older so help me
☆ likes and reblogs count
☆ keep ur ask box open
☆ you’ll have to gimme your address
☆ ends friday august 1st, 6 am in japan

if you follow me for this giveaway i hope you like cats and yowapedal because that’s all you’ll get

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